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The Baix Empordā marshes

 The Baix Empordā marshes are a protected area (PEIN) with a total surface area of 231.05 hectares. Of that, 162.95 hectares belongs to the municipality of Torroella de Montgrí, and the remaining 68.10 to Pals.
 Adjacent to the beach, these marshes are coastal zones closely related with fluvial dynamics: the present-day river mouths, former river mouths, flood plains, marshes and dunes. Here there grow rushes and cane thickets, salt cedar and saltwort, with shifting dunes in some zones – on the beach particularly – and other stabilised dunes. There are also rice fields at Les Basses d’en Coll.

The marshes are of considerable importance in that they form the habitat for many nesting birds, migratory birds and overwintering birds which find refuge and food in this type of habitat. Here we can find birds such as the mallard, the gadwall, the moorhen, the rail, the coot, the heron and grey heron, the kingfisher, the great reed warbler, etc., as well as amphibians, reptiles and mammals such as terrapins (Triops cancriformis), European turtles (Emys orbicularis), polecats, wall lizards and water snakes, etc.

Within the marshes, activities are strictly limited to the marked paths, which can be followed on foot using the Baix Empordā paths network or by bicycle, travelling along the Baix Empordā cycletouring network. Both ways allow routes to be followed to get to know this setting without damaging it. The various routes have observations posts to allow visitors a closer look at the fauna that inhabits the marshes, without thereby altering their habitat in any way.


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