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The Cadiretes - L'Ardenya mountain range

 The PEIN Massís de Cadiretes has a total surface area of 8,552 hectares, of which 1,880 are in the Baix Empordà, more specifically in the municipalities of Sant Feliu de Guíxols and Santa Cristina d’Aro. Where it reaches down to the sea, the range forms a very steep and wild coastline, though one of great beauty.

The highest point is Puig de Cadiretes, with an altitude of 518 metres. The historical-cultural heritage of the area is very varied and interesting (with dolmens, churches, castles, etc.) and alternates with cliffs forming bays and landscapes of spectacular beauty.

The orographic characteristics and situation of the range have led to establishment in the zone of flora and fauna of clear Atlantic distribution. There is thus an abundance of holm oak groves, pines, various species of shrubs, riverbank woodland, laurel thickets and the small typically Mediterranean reeds, although there are also others more usually at home in Atlantic environments, such as the sundew and moss (Sphagnum subnitens).

The fauna is represented by scrubland birds such as the various types of warblers, woodchat shrike, long-tailed tit, woodpigeon, jays, robins and tits, and reptiles such as the long-tailed lizard, the wall lizard and the adder, to mention some of the most typical.

The abundance of small mammals, reptiles and birds means that many birds of prey and carrion birds can find life-support here, such as the goshawk, the sparrow hawk, the short-toed eagle and the kestrel, among others, together with larger mammals such as genets, weasels, badgers and foxes.

The Cadiretes mountain range has a well-signposted path network offering various kinds of route and a mountain bike centre.

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